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Swapna Abhijeet Jadhav

The First Five years of a child life are the most crucial for Future Development during this time a child learns about himself and a world around him. A child learns through his Play Experiences, Developing Intellectually, Socially, Physically, and Emotionally. Therefore, a child play experiences are very important.

MIRACLE Pre-Primary School is for children between ages of 2.5 to 6 designed for families who wish to share in early education of their young children. MIRACLE offer parents the rare opportunity to become an integral part of their Childs crucial early learning experience. The school provides a Safe, Warm, Nurturing Environment for children and parents. Your child begins His/her school years in secure and positive atmosphere and you are there to see it happen.

We allow every child to learn at their own pace and make learn a fun activity.

Dream Catchers

A teacher is one who shapes our career. Our teachers are well educated and trained to implement all applicable measures while implementing the activity and programme who are also devoting and dedicating in early “Childs Education”.


Recognizing the individuality of child is at the core of our curriculum through the combination of a thoughtfully conceived programme and specially selected classroom materials. Our staffs seeks to foster each student’s Self-Esteem, Individuality, Creativity, Social, Physical, and Cognitive Skills through the Music, Movement, Art, Creative Play and Language.

Below are the activities conducted by the school